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Treatment of cranio sacral biodynamics

The treatment takes place on the massage table, remaining dressed and is very comfortable and pleasant.

The body in a quiet state is led to feel a sense of deep relaxation, peace, calm and well-being.

In this state you can let go of tensions, traumas and constraints.

Therefore, it is not necessary to have special symptoms to receive Craniosacral treatment, but it is useful for relieving stress, increasing vitality and promoting health.

Plantar Reflexology

Reflexology is an energetic technique that allows the internal organs to be treated through pressure on the foot.

A constant massage of the disequilibrium organ allows that organ to regenerate itself, with the induction of the massage. If a point is sore, it means that the corresponding organ needs help.

Once the weak and the most painful points have been identified, they are treated with the same, massaging the points that are bad.

Through the use of foot reflexology techniques it is possible to treat the energy meridians, even with the theory of the 5 elements: this makes the reflexology an even more valid means for the health and well-being of each of us.
Reflexology can be used for:
Digestive problems such as chronic gastritis, colitis, constipation, etc.
Muscular and joint pains such as cervical, back pain, back pain, sciatica, etc.
Disorders related to anxiety and stress

Other disorders such as labyrinthitis, neuralgia, headache, insomnia, but also hair loss, weight loss, cellulite, water retention etc.

These are just some of the examples of areas where foot reflexology can be useful, but it can help in many other diseases, especially chronic ones.

In fact, it helps to restore the organic functionality to the whole organism, favoring the natural healing process inherent in our body, making it faster and more reactive thanks to a better balance and a better response capacity of the immune system.


Shiatsu is a natural technique of oriental origin, behind which there are ancient traditions of philosophy and healing art. It is a method to preserve and regain health, rebalancing the body’s energy communication systems.

In oriental medicine all diseases, symptoms and conditions are considered in relation to an imbalance of the person’s energy balance. This applies to all aspects, those related to the physical body, emotions, mind and spirituality.

Shiatsu influences the movement of energy defined by the Orientals as Qi, which circulates through channels called meridians.

The operator applies different types of pressure along these meridians and on different areas to preserve and rebalance the flow of energy through organs, glands, muscles, joints, blood and throughout the body.

Structural stretching techniques and adjustments are also used to achieve the harmonization of the entire energy system.

The operator uses a simple and fundamental tool: his hands, for this reason is often mistakenly called massage.

Touch is the essence of shiatsu. Through touch, the operator activates the innate self-healing mechanism in the receiver.

In this way a feeling of great well-being is induced in the Body-Mind-Spirit, while a broad and complex path of self-development and awareness begins.

Swedish decontracting massage

The beneficial effects of Swedish massage:

The primary goal of Swedish massage is general relaxation and reduction of muscle stiffness, stimulation of circulation, pain relief, improvement of tissue oxygenation, removal of toxins and improvement of muscle tone.

Blocks in the joints?
Muscle spasms?
Stiffness of the body and muscle mass?